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20 Day Program

Designed for Those Looking to Lose 10-20 Pounds

The 20-day program was created for those who have less to lose or desire a shorter timeframe. This 20-day intensive program, is followed by a 2-week transition back to normal dietary lifestyle and our clients interact with a 20Lighter provider every day of those 34 days.

During the 20Day Program:

Men lose, on average, 16-22lbs and reduce visceral fat by 15-17%

Women lose, on average 12-16lbs, and reduce visceral fat by 15-17%

How Our Program Works – 4 Easy Steps To Get Started!

Step 1.  Schedule initial consultation, it is free of charge and there’s no obligation.

Step 2.  Phone or Video conference initial consultation- expect to speak with us for 30 minutes.

Step 3.  Should you qualify for the program and choose to go forward we will mail you all materials needed to get started!

Step 4.  Download the mobile app, connect the bluetooth scale, and begin your journey to better health!

Your 20-day program includes:

A free initial consultation with a 20Lighter health care provider, either by phone or video consultation.
After your consultation, if you choose to join, all needed materials will be shipped to your home. This includes the bluetooth body composition scale and all supporting 20Lighter program materials. You will not be charged if you do not choose to join.
The 20-day program includes daily check-ins with 20Lighter medical staff using our HIPAA compliant mobile app. Expert guidance, support and encouragement via our mobile app messaging ensures your success.
A patented 20-day personalized meal plan proven to reduce visceral fat, including weekly meal guides and full preparation information.
Simple daily food journaling via the 20Lighter mobile app.
A follow-up video conference or phone consultation scheduled 14-20 days after beginning the program to discuss your progress and review in detail your customized 2-week transition.
After the 20 days of the customized meal plan, a personalized 2-week transition back to a normal dietary lifestyle begins ensuring a smooth and gradual transition off program. Our clients continue their daily interactions with our medical staff during the transition to ensure success.
A final video conference in the last few days of the 2-week transition completes the program which is 34 days from start to finish.

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