"The goal of our program is to move your metabolism from fat storage to the fat burning zone so your body will naturally burn from 2,000 to 4,000 calories a day."

Dr. Gerry Dembrowski
The 20Lighter Program



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“I’ve managed to stay within a few pounds of my goal weight of 185 since ending 6mo ago. Linda has lost a total of 45lbs with no turning back (and continues to chip away). We manage our overall eating habits while still enjoying many of our favorite foods. 20Lighter worked & we’ve kept the weight off!”


Bud L., 44.7lbs; Linda L. 26.2lbs, Completed program in Feb 2016


Are you sick & tired of being sick & tired? Ready to lose that extra weight?

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The doctor-supervised 20Lighter Program uses the latest science and technology to help transform your body by changing your metabolism and burning fat.

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